Shaun Jones

Local Chef

As the founder of Vinity, Shaun enjoys working with organic and vegan growers who have a passion for the grape.  He loves attending events and seeing what people think of the taste.

Shaun and his brother, Mark, were born in Shrewsbury and the company Vinity Wines Ltd started its journey in Sundorne, Shrewsbury.  Since 2010, we have been bringing fine wines to our customers. Our belief is that drinking wine should be a personal and exhilarating experience. We strive to bring that to you through sourcing exclusive wines at exceptional value.

We specialise in wines from EU, single estates which are not mass produced.  Growers with a passion for the environment, a love for the grape and most importantly a care for quality. 

Shaun would like to take you on a 1hour journey sampling some of the greatest wines Europe has to offer.

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