Floral Attractions 2016


Information about the 2017 show will appear on this page nearer to the time. Please see below for details of the floral attractions at the 2016 show.


Sarah Raven

The celebrity gardener for 2016 was Sarah Raven.

Sarah is an inspirational and passionate broadcaster, journalist, public speaker and teacher.  She speaks and writes on a variety of subjects including gardening, flower arranging and cooking.  Sarah also delivers an in depth and personal account of the life, history and the gardens at Sissinghurst.

Sarah writes regularly for various publications including The Daily Telegraph, Country Living, Gardens Illustrated, Gardeners’ World Magazine, and The English Garden magazine and now Sainsbury’s Magazine.  Sarah’s gardening and cookery books have won her a number of awards including Best Specialist Gardening book for The Cutting Garden and Cookery Book of the Year for Sarah Raven’s Garden Cookbook.


Her most recently published book Vita Sackville West’s Sissinghurst: The Creation of a Garden brings Vita’s garden writing up to date and describes the vision and craft that has made Sissinghurst, one of the most inspirational gardens in the world, a place of vitality and beauty.

Sarah’s television career includes presenting for the BBC on a number of programmes including Gardeners’ World, the 2014 series Great British Garden Revival and numerous guest appearances for the Chelsea Flower Show.  Sarah also presented a well-received TV series in 2012 for BBC2 called Bees, Butterflies and Blooms on the crisis of insects and Sarah’s attempts to flower up the nation to hugely increase insect food and habitat supply.

Sarah runs cooking, flower arranging, growing and gardening courses at Perch Hill, her farm in East Sussex, and also around the country.  She has a home-shopping business based on the plants trialed and grown at Perch Hill. Sarah is currently working on a cookery book which, combining her medical training with her love of growing and cooking food, explores healthy eating.

Society Secretary Simon Badrock said “Sarah’s wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for gardening will make for a very educational and instructive 2016 Flower Show’.



To mark Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th Birthday, Mercia and North Wales Area of NAFAS (National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies), supported by the Shropshire Horticultural Society, have designed and created two floral arrangements that can be found in the main entrance to Quarry Marquee. The arrangements are inspired by Her Majesty’s love for gardens and her passion for horses.

The general public are invited to vote for the People’s Choice Award for an Outstanding Display within Quarry Marquee. Voting slips are available in Quarry Marquee and voting closes at 12 noon and the winner be announced on the Saturday afternoon. Many of the exhibitors will be selling off their plants and flowers on the Saturday evening at 6pm.


Vegetables, cut flowers, children’s classes for all ages, bonsai, hanging baskets, pots plants, alpines and cacti can all be found in the Severn Marquee. It is also home to a variety of national societies whose displays, provide a visual treat and a great opportunity for amateur gardeners to speak with experienced people regarding gardening problems or concerns, and to gain valuable information on events and classes. Once again The National Begonia Society will be holding the annual show in the Marquee.

As it is the 100th Anniversary of Roald Dahl’s Birth and 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Beatrix Potter, in 2016. Each of our original scarecrow’ in class 298 will depict a character from works by these authorsIn the Severn Marquee the results of months of hard work from some of the very best amateur growers can be found.  It does not matter whether competitors have exhibited before or not, Severn Marquee offers a fantastic experience and a great atmosphere.


The Dingle Marquee showcases, the high standard of artistic talents of amateur exhibitors, both seasoned and new, through an array of exciting and inspirational floral arrangements. The arrangements, with the exception of Class 307 & 316, which is to be judged in accordance to the guidelines set by the British Florist Association (BFA), are all to be judged in accordance of the current NAFAS competition manual (Third edition 2015). The Floral Art Theme for 2016 is ‘Influenced By Famous Names’ . Whilst the younger exhibitors can have fun with classes inspired by Roald Dahl’s famous books. The marquee also incorporates competitive displays by the Woman’s Institute.

The details for 2016 are given below:

  • The title for the Floral Art is “Influenced By Famous Names”.
  • In the Children’s section we have gone with Roald Dahl Junior Section (under 8years) The Enormous Crocodile.
  • Intermediate Section ( under 13years) – The Big Friendly Giant.
  • Senior Section (under 18years)  – Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.
  • Shropshire Women’s Institute.
  • Ask the Expert


Carol Seager

Shropshire Axis –“Metamorphosis Garden”

Using the butterfly symbolically as new beginnings and transformation. The garden depicts a journey of hope, from the safe environment of the counselling room, through challenging self analysis, to finally achieving the confidence to ‘Live Your Life… be Free’

Carolyn Hardern

Pughs of Shrewsbury – “Lest We Forget”

In peace time we remember the fallen and this garden is in remembrance but also to draw attention to the
plight of those living with the mental effects of war.

The 7m circle is filled with a mass planting of white flowers symbolising peace, as well as providing a serene space for reflection and contemplation. In the centre sits a smaller circle filled with water from which porcelain lily type flowers, supported by copper stems, rise from a base of ruined tank parts. Selected lily flowers have a continuous single tear dripping gently.

Garden Gal

“Lie Back and Think of England”

An inviting space filled with an enticing mix of shrubs and cottage garden favourites created for scent and ambience, and to lure the passer-by through a gently winding path leading to a rustic structure with a waterproof canopy – the perfect invitation to lie back in an English country garden. The garden will feature planters, statuary, a gravelled path and a four-poster arbour-like structure.

Stuart Francis

Hope House Children Hospice – “A Gardener’s Hope”

A cottage garden with an informal mix of hardy and tender plants over a formal layout of path, seating area and water feature.

Hornby Garden Designs

“A Garden Party Fit For A Queen”

The Great British tea party is a celebration of
all things British, from coronations to the jubilee and notably, our Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th Birthday. The garden has the family table at its centre with a celebration of traditional British flowering plants to form the iconic Great British flag – often waved proudly at such celebrations and the symbol of public spirit.

University Centre Shrewsbury

“Home Grown”

This plot celebrates the sustainability of the traditional potager garden; the future aspirations of University Centre Shrewsbury; the county and the longest reign of any British monarch.

School Show Gardens

Rushbury C of E Primary

‘Land of Hope and Glory’ – designed by Chloe Child (Aged 9)

When Shrewsbury Flower Show invited Shropshire children to design a garden based on ‘Land of Hope and Glory’, Chloe Child, a 9 year old pupil, was keen to get involved. By using what she had learned from the children managing their own school garden and through her research, she came up with the design to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday, the longest reigning monarch and British values. This garden encompasses much that is British. It celebrates the traditions of British afternoon tea and icons such as a red London bus. The Queen’s swans symbolise the royal connection and the poppies commemorate those who have died in wars. Our rich heritage of story-telling is illustrated through a traditional wishing well. The garden includes many British summer flowers.

Greenfields Primary School

Mother of the Free

Our garden is based on the British patriotic song ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ written in 1902 by AC Benson and music by Edward Elgar. ‘Land of Hope and Glory, Mother of the Free, how shall we extol thee, who are born of thee? Wider still and wider shall they bounds be set; God, who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet, God who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet.’ In the centre of our garden will be a flag pole with the Union Jack on it. At each corner will be a raised bed with an obelisk and will have veg and flowers in them which are grown at school. We have tried to include
lots of British things as the song makes us feel very proud
of being British. We would like bunting from the raised beds to the flag pole and afternoon tea on the bench. The garden will be enclosed with a picket fence like the one we have around our school vegetable garden.

Severndale Specialist Academy

The Queen at 90

Our garden incorporates different aspects of the United Kingdom to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. A small water feature is surrounded by red, white and blue flowers, and mosaic tiles which have been created by our pupils is the backdrop of our garden. Paving tiles run in front of the seated area which provides some shelter for our garden.

Shaw Trust – Walton Hall Academy

The Green and Pleasant Land

This year with the theme of “Land of Hope and Glory “we have taken
our inspiration for the garden from the last night of the proms!

The name is taken from a line in “Jerusalem” the William Blake song often sung on the last night of the proms. To achieve our interpretation we have started with a central pool with water dyed Black, this represents the “Dark satanic mills” of the song. We then surrounded this with a border of mixed planting consisting of herbaceous Perennials and grasses, which in turn is surrounded by a lush Green lawn. In each
corner of the lawn there is a tree that provides both height and shade
for the garden, with built in seating on the walls, for relaxation and observing the view. The garden can be accessed from the four corners
via a step, and between these steps we have placed a further border of mixed perennials and grass planting as a continuation of the theme.


The Lecture Marquee at this years’ show has yet another interesting and varied programme of lectures and demonstrations running continuously from 9.40 am to 5.05 pm. We start and end each day with the ever popular show favourite of Flower Arranging given by our two experts from the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies (NAFAS).

We are delighted to welcome to the show our team of eminent horticultural experts who will be giving informative lectures. Celebrity Gardener Sarah Raven, Jim Buttress, Mark Wasilewski & Dave Jones will all be on hand to share their horticultural expertise.  Alan Wilding (ex radio Shropshire) will again be hosting the very popular Question Time, so please have your horticultural questions at the ready.


Marcus Chilton-Jones – Dorothy Clive Garden

Birds, Bees and Butterflies is the theme at the Show through which Marcus, who is the Curator of the Dorothy Clive Garden near Market Drayton, will be sharing his love of horticulture while working alongside nature. In June the Dorothy Clive Garden co-hosted a Mini Beast Adventure with Harper Adams University Entomology Department and their students. Families took part in an Insect Trail around the 12 acre woodland garden including several insect-themed interactive stations. The trail allows families to explore different insect habitats including ‘meeting moths’ which have been caught, collected and trapped; ‘introduction to pollinators’, ‘insect bio-control’, ‘discovering soil bugs’ and also ‘pond dipping’. These stations were run by MSc and PHD entomology students.

There was also a Mini Beast ‘Art and Crafts’ area where families learnt about insect classification as well as finding out how we use insects to solve crimes! This event celebrated the start of the National Insect Week and it is a special fundraising event for the Dorothy Clive Garden.

For further information, please visit the website: www.dorothyclivegarden.co.uk

Shropshire Wildlife Trust

Our display will be based around water and peat.  We will be bringing the Love Your Magnificent Severn River Tour display.

The Meres and Mosses of Shropshire and Cheshire are a forgotten mosaic of wetlands, important for some of the rarest wildlife in the UK. Funders, including UK government and
the Heritage Lottery Fund, have funded an ambitious programme to improve the value of
this landscape for the people and wildlife living
in and around it through the implementation of a Nature Improvement Area and a Landscape Partnership Scheme.

Nearly £2m has been awarded to engage
communities, raise awareness, conserve and
restore key habitats and support landowners to conserve and protect our special wildlife.

See: www.themeresandmosses.co.uk

The Love your Magnificent Severn River Tour, which starts on 1st June 2016, will be travelling by foot, pedal and paddle from the source of the River Severn in Plynlimon all the way to the sea at Gloucester Docks, 11 days later, to look at how water, people and wildlife interact along the course of our Magnificent Severn. This project, which covers the 210 miles of river, aims to celebrate Britain’s greatest river, to raise awareness and improve understanding of all aspects of its natural and historic heritage. 
We want to inspire and encourage people to reconnect and Love their Magnificent Severn!

See: www.shropshirewildlifetrust.org.uk


The establishment of the Fordhall Community Land Initiative is an example of what can be achieved when people set their sights on seemingly impossible tasks. Fordhall’s stand in the Our Future Marquee aims to highlight the power of community, of working together, being able to face a challenge and come through successfully.  In today’s world we face many challenges the biggest of which is the threat to our environment.  We aim to inspire people, to show them a different way of working to enable us all to work together to help save our environment.

Anni Kelsey’s Perennial Vegetables

Anni grows her perennial vegetables in polycultures, that is mixed in with other useful plants to create a healthy, fertile and ecological balance that benefits all the plants and boosts biodiversity in the garden. She will be displaying an example of a polyculture of perennial vegetables and will also have some plants and seeds available for gardeners who would like to experiment with some of these interesting plants.

Anni Kelsey is the author of ‘Edible Perennial Gardening’ which explains how to grow a range of perennial vegetables and explores their benefits and uses.

Emma Lawrence Designs, Shropshire

Dr Emma Lawrence is keen to encourage children to go outside and discover the fascinating wildlife, plants and flowers of our natural world. From a town backyard, hedgerow or country park, there is so much to explore and enjoy. She is keen to generate an interest in our crawly bugs, wriggling creatures and pretty wildflowers to support the increasing recognition of their value in our environment. Emma has written and illustrated,

The Worm and Slugs and Snails which are the first books in The Little Nature Explorers Series. She has also illustrated Edible Perennial Gardening by Anni Kelsey and produces her own greetings cards and unique gifts. Some of her creative work and books will be on display at the show.

Shropshire Organic Gardeners Society (SOGS)

“Land”, “Hope” and “Glory”

Land is the world’s only true course of security for the future. We are now living with hope for that future – where will that hope lead us?  And don’t let us lose sight of how glorious nature can be.

What can these three words mean in the context
of the urgent environmental issues of today?

“Land” – the only true source of security in the world so long as we share and respect it.

“Hope” – we have to live in hope. But how can we turn that hope into positive action?

“Glory” – Nature is glorious – if only we have the humility to recognise our place within it.

Land, Hope and Glory – come and be inspired!

Our Future Marquee is sponsored by Pugh’s of Shrewsbury